Monday, April 20, 2015

Information of Nano Technology

The scope and application of nanotechnology is tremendous and mind-boggling. According to the scientists, 21st century would be the nanotechnology century. It is estimated that nanotechnology would revolutionize every area, be it medicine, aerospace, engineering, various industrial and technological areas, health or any other field. Nano biotechnology can make tiny medical devices and sensors with fantastic military and civilian use. Converting sunlight into power, targeting a drug to a single malignant cell, cleaning ponds and creating sensors in the form of biochip, to be interested in the human body are some of the important landmark breakthroughs of nanotechnology. The technology has the potential to produce garments which can block chemical and biological weapons from touching the skin of a person. Nanotechnology has many more applications. It can help detect narcotics and fingerprints of suspects in crimes. The technology can make canonized robots and repair damaged and diseased tissues. Nanobots may be made from carbon nano tubes used to carry out functions like human beings. Nano- coatings are transparent, scratch- resistant and dirt repellent. Thus, it is estimated that there will be no sector of industry which will not use nanotechnology in future.

Time Travel Article

The Alternate Universe time travel explains a lot. This type of time travel depends upon the existence of alternate universe which are more or less similar to our universe but lagging in time i.e. representing a previous time. If one changes past, in that universe, nothing will happen to our universe and nothing much will be different for that universe either because that universe will evolve taking that change for granted so there will be no grand father paradoxes neither entropy or causality problems

Yawning Article

The yawning is a reflex caused due to excess of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen in the blood. The brain stem detects this and triggers the yawn reflex, through its non vital nuclei in medulla oblongata. Recently it has been suggested by some scientists that yawning is used for regulation of body temperature, too. The yawns are also caused by the same chemicals produced in human nervous system often called neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, glutamic acid and nitric oxide. When their quantity is above their optimum level in the brain, it causes yawning.