Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Looped back into irritating opportunity after vacation

So, after logging back from vacation and learning my older mails that one more team member has been assigned to support that irritating opportunity, I was relieved and was in positive thought that I would be supporting little bit and he would front end the opportunity. However, when I checked with him about the updates, he was conveying me that he was looped in to send initial version and I would take care from here to complete this opportunity. I was completely furious and for a moment I thought I got saved from this irritating opportunity and team by my vacation and now, it came back to me again, sigh! I checked with him about that status updates and pending action items to completed from end. After discussion, I found that only couple of slides to be completed and I have some related slides with me already to complete it sooner than expected. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Discussion about the escalation mail from manager

After giving so much of explanation and reasons for not being able to address all the comments shared by the offshore lead, because of the dependencies with the on-site team and the slides for unnecessary for the storyline that was shared by the onsite team. Whatever reasons I gave to my manager, he was still unconvinced and was requesting me to address all those commands in the today’s version. I was again pointing out to the fact that those commands maybe unnecessary and it may not fit in the storyline. Now, my manager understood that the comments were irrelevant and took a step back and was revealing the actual reason for the escalation mail. The offshore delivery lead has called my manager personally after the call and was conveying that I have not addressed any of those commands shared by him and was not able to find the relevant slides required for the deck. I was shocked to hear about this, to know more about what happened read the blog post from G R team sites.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Working on a new opportunity with new delivery POC

After working on an opportunity with one of the most irritating delivery persons, I was assigned with new opportunity to work, with new delivery person with whom I have never work earlier or got any insight about his working style. As usual the initial step for the opportunity is to work on the questionnaire to be shared with the client for more information and as usual, I had the questionnaire ready-made to be shared. I have shared the first set of questionnaires to the delivery person for review and he seems fine with it and added couple of more questions to the existing list. From the initial discussions and with questionnaire task completed, I had no issue with the delivery person whatsoever. He seemed calm and quiet with all task in the control and was supportive whenever the need was there to address from my end. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A day’s rest and one more new opportunity

After finishing that tight deadline opportunity, I was completely drained of expertise and was visibly drained. My manager understood it and he didn’t assign me any new work or any urgent request for me after completing that tight opportunity work. I was getting myself charged up for the next opportunity and was bit relaxing myself by just browsing and watching YouTube videos. And towards end of the day, when everyone was about to leave the office, my manager gave me a shock by stating that – “There seems to one short turn around RFP with minimal scope to QA, can you please look into it”, I had no other option to acknowledge it and left for the day. The next day till lunch I didn’t get any mail or opportunity assigned details from my manager and was wondering if the work has actually started off or not. Then by lunch, when I reminded about my manager about the work, he completely forgot about the opportunity and shared further details regarding that opportunity. To know more about the opportunity, continue reading at “G R Team Sites”. https://webtoonsite.com글자수세기웹툰 사이트