Monday, May 18, 2015

A Night Story

It was an unusual experience. One night, some friends and I decided to go for a movie. We came out of the theater just past midnight. We were waiting to catch an auto when suddenly it began raining heavily. After waiting for sometime we decided to walk home though it would be a long walk. We had hardly walked a few hundred yards when the street lights went off and it was pitch dark. We were walking through knee deep water. We had anxious moments as we were afraid that we might fall into a manhole. The darkness added to our woes and the rain god seemed to be against us that night. Just then we saw a light at a distance. A car stopped in front of us and to our pleasant surprise a kind gentleman asked us to get inside the car and he dropped us home. He was none other than my neighbor who was returning home from work!

My Fun during Holiday

Last year, my family and I were in California on a holiday. My father took us for a drive along the Pacific coast called the 17-mile Drive. We got down at several points, enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Then we went to a point called Seal Rock where I saw seals basking in the sun. There were many ground squirrels popping out of burrows between the rocks and visitors were feeding them with all kinds of yummy foods. We happened to have some nuts and I too started to feed them. All of a sudden, four squirrels came out of a burrow and one of them bit my finger. Fortunately, my parents shooed away the squirrels and I breathed a sigh of relief. Even now whenever I look at a squirrel, it reminds me of that incident.

Get Info about Deadly Fish

There are many dangerous creatures in water as in land which is able to kill a man. I read about this snake fish and little information about this. In 2002, the snakefish (or Channidae) was described as “something from a bad horror movie” by US Interior Secretary Gale Norton. Some describe snakefish as having”a voracious appetite, often consuming all other fish in a lake or pond and even eating its young. It can slither across land, staying out of water for up to three days, to find new sources of food.” Norton also warns that once on land”snakeheads can eat almost any small animal in its path…. They have even attacked people in China who got too close to snakeheads’ egg nesting areas.” According to Wikipedia, snakefish can be up to over a meter in length and over 6 kilograms in weight. Most snakefish are 2-3 feet long. They’re also fast reproducers with no natural enemies outside of their native environments. Within their native environments, small snakefish are preyed upon by bigger fish, while full-grown snakefish are consumed by crocodiles and alligators. Because of their ability to move into new habitats and wipe out local ecosystems (and to then hop out of the water and mosey on over to another body of water and repeat the process) snakefish have been prohibited in 13 American states and other countries (e.g., Australia).

Information about Ancient Sound

No one really knows if dinosaurs had voices. Maybe some did and others didn't. Hadrosaurs had a hollow in their head crest, and they may have trumpeted sounds through it almost the way an elephant uses its trunk. Sound leaves no visible record and so the question of whether dinosaurs could communicate may be the most difficult question of all. However, there is fossil evidence to show that the nostrils of Hadrosaurs were elongated. The hollow in the head crest might have acted as a kind of echo chamber; a noise formed in the throat trumpeted through the crest for identification of species, communication, mating and warnings. Parasaurolophus, or the archetypal Hadrosaaurus, was named the trombone duckbill because of its facial structure.