Saturday, July 20, 2019

Discussion about the escalation mail from manager

After giving so much of explanation and reasons for not being able to address all the comments shared by the offshore lead, because of the dependencies with the on-site team and the slides for unnecessary for the storyline that was shared by the onsite team. Whatever reasons I gave to my manager, he was still unconvinced and was requesting me to address all those commands in the today’s version. I was again pointing out to the fact that those commands maybe unnecessary and it may not fit in the storyline. Now, my manager understood that the comments were irrelevant and took a step back and was revealing the actual reason for the escalation mail. The offshore delivery lead has called my manager personally after the call and was conveying that I have not addressed any of those commands shared by him and was not able to find the relevant slides required for the deck. I was shocked to hear about this, to know more about what happened read the blog post from G R team sites.