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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Get Info about Medium Stars

Medium stars expand, as they grow old. Their core starts to run out of hydrogen and helium. Then the outer layer expands, cools, and it becomes less bright and it becomes a red giant. Now that the star is a red giant, the outer core of the star continues to expand. The helium in the core fuses together and form carbon atoms, which then release energy. Then the outer layers of the star start to drift away and form a planetary nebula.

The nebula starts to cool and shrink in size. Now the star becomes a white dwarf. It is a stable star with no nuclear fuel. The white dwarf radiates its leftover heat for billions of years until it all it has been used. Now it will become a black dwarf (A cold, dark dead star).

Monday, July 13, 2015

Information about Huge Stars

As huge stars grow old, they become red super giants. They become red super giants because their core fuses all its hydrogen into helium. Their core shrinks and becomes hotter and denser.

The core of the star collapses in an instant. The iron atoms are crushed together during the gravitational collapse. The temperature of the core reaches 100 billion degrees.

The electrical forces between the atoms' nuclei become greater than the gravitational forces, which cause a bright, short explosion called a supernova. The shock wave of the explosion blows away the outer layers of the star.

The star will become a neutron star or a black hole depending on its remaining mass. If its mass is 1.5 to 3 times the Sun's mass, (1.99 x 1030 kg) it will collapse and become a neutron star. Its mass is 1.4 times the Sun's, it has a strong magnetic field, and it spins rapidly.

If the mass of the star is more than 3 times the Sun's mass, it will become a black hole. A black hole has a gravitational field strong enough to keep light from escaping.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Article about Science Fixed

We have always heard of time travel one thing we never pay attention to is that the future is fixed, only this thing can make the time travel possible, now let me explain u this in a better way with an example, suppose of a star which is ten light years away from us the light travels from this star to us and we see what the star was ten years ago. now if we reach the star in ten minutes then we will see its future , it means for us the future of star is fixed as we can go to the past of the star and the future as well this must be the case with all the planets and stars meaning the future is fixed.