Sunday, June 28, 2020

A new task from leadership, irrelevant for my team

Therefore, the onsite team has now shared new requirements from the client and all the effort that was spent for the last two weeks went in vain, as the client requirements were completely different from what the delivery team has envisioned. Unfortunately, I have been the scapegoat for this unnecessary opportunity due to my manager and it did not stop there. My manager looped me again into the same opportunity to provide support and assist wherever required. This simple mail from my manager was completely misunderstood by my manager and the onsite team started to address all work to me and I did not have any role to play. After a few mails of activities on the opportunity, the leadership team out of nowhere requested my manager to provide some information about existing accounts and this made my manager think that he is going to own the entire gamut of work. However, the leadership team was a few details relevant to this opportunity and my manager started to compile all unnecessary information. Even though I knew all the information that my manager collating was completely unnecessary, I had no other option but to work on it and to know more check out "G R Team Sites"

Monday, June 8, 2020

No disturbance during my vacation

After sharing all the requested documents to the on-site team and I have put out of office mail effective immediately stating I have no access to mails and shall only respond post vacation. I knew, if I had not mentioned about these out of office mail, the on-site team would again bother me with repetitive requests and would request updated documents during my vacation. So, immediately after sending those documents to the on-site team, I was expecting them to bother me again with iterative change requests and to my surprise post setting up my out of office mail, I did not receive single mail from the on-site team regarding pending service request. I was taken aback by the action of the on-site team on this service request and was hoping that the service request was being addressed at on-site and minimal or nil support was required from offshore. During my vacation days, I also had a thought of calling the offshore delivery lead about the status of the service request. However, I completely backed off from this initiative, as I may get new work and may require supporting partially to close the request. To know how this service request surprised me post my vacation, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Resuming work after a long vacation and got new work

After my long vacation, I had to connect from home until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic across the country and while enjoying my vacation with my family, I was hopeful that I don’t get much work after resuming work. Initially, after resuming work, all seemed to be smooth and there was no work till noon. However, out of nowhere my manager was pinging me and was checking about coronavirus situation at my native place and was requesting me to be safe. I was completely astonished by this behavior from my manager and I understood its reason behind this message after a few mins of discussion. My manager finally came to the point that there was a new opportunity from an account with the same onsite and offshore team, with whom I had multiple iterations of changes, and the opportunity was supposed to be closed within a short span of time. With no options left, as I have been on a long vacation and had no work on my table, I acknowledged my manager and accepted new work from old account team. Little did I knew that this would rip me off for more than 2 weeks with the workload and to know more, feel free to check out the “G R Team Sites”