Monday, May 17, 2021

Reasons why I Love AirPods Pro

I have been using AirPods Pro for a long time now and I have not highlighted the benefits of the product till now. So, this blog post is completely dedicated for detailing things I like and features of the product. Let us get started with the advantage of AirPods Pro. 
  • Sound quality: Sound quality from AirPods Pro was on next level and immersive experience of the song with noise cancellation turned on was next level. 
  • Seamless connection between iOS products: The moment I wear AirPods Pro, I can be sure that it connects automatically to one of my devices like iPhone or iPad or my MacBook Pro. Also, the automatic audio routing between iPhone and iPad works fine. 
  • Noise cancellation: the standout feature of AirPods Pro was the noise cancelling with such small architecture and the device does it extremely well. 
  • Wearing for long time: I use AirPods Pro for a long time during my office working hours and not a single moment I felt discomfort or irritation due to the product. 
I also wanted to detail about the normal things I do with my AirPods Pro and how this product integrates into my day-to day activities. However, I will detail more about AirPods Pro with its uniqueness and disadvantages associated with it another blog post published in G R Team Sites. 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Reasons for staying with Mac and Apple Ecosystem

For a long time, I was looking to get a revamp for my older MacBook Pro and invest for a new machine that can hold for a long time. I feel comfortable in working on Mac operating system and wanted to continue work on this operating system for its reliability and security. The reason I like using MacBook Pro are as follows:
  • Simplicity: The settings and all other aspects of operating system are simple to use, understand and apply. I have even worked on windows operating system and the simplicity or ease of using applications could not be matched. 
  • Security: The major reason I prefer using Mac operating system was the security and Safari browser. The operating was so secured that the operating system does not require any separate anti-virus software to protect user credentials and by using Safari browser, users can be sure that ram is intelligently optimized and does not require any action from end user. 
  • Mac-iOS ecosystem: as I use iPhone 11 as my regular phone, the ease of synchronization between devices and using laptop for mobile activities like taking calls and the ability to send messages was top notch. 
To know more about my decision on new machine, please feel free to check out the blog posts in “G R Team Sites”

Monday, January 18, 2021

How to migrate and convert data for new upgraded application

For most businesses, data conversion is one of the most complicated and frustrating process and IT vendors often fail in migrating existing data for seamless business operations. IT vendor should adopt to a process-oriented approach to use customized tools/technologies for performing the data migration activities from legacy to newer enterprise platform. IT vendor should also involve the business side key experts closely during the requirements gathering, data cleansing and conversion of data in to the final production data. IT vendor team should also share customized excel templates to capture the data from existing system. In addition, the IT vendor should also take the responsibility of uploading the completed excel sheets to enterprise Applications systematically using interfaces/tools or using DB links. Post completion, the IT vendor should completely validate the migrated data in the enterprise platform and ensure data accuracy. If you are looking to get more information, find out more such posts available at "G R Team Sites”

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A heartfelt confession

Doctors of one of the city hospitals in Delhi made a truly shocking confession. They stated that there are no immunomodulatory medications for the SARS treatment with proven effectiveness. A supposedly created on the basis of chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine with an efficiency of 62 percent is a profanation. In fact, this is the first case of the pandemic and almost the only case when doctors openly say that are pharmaceutical companies shamelessly taking the people of India for idiots, prescribing them at best a placebo, and at worst - harmful drugs as remedies. In other words, the population is offered a "dummy" posing it as an expensive vaccine based on the chimpanzee adenovirus. We in the editorial office ask a rhetorical question: what do the officials of the Ministry of Health do in this situation? Or are they in the mix?

You can find the link of the petition here

Monday, November 23, 2020

Confusion again due to different shopping deals

After much thought, process and waiting for a long time, I have finally made up my mind to get the iPhone 11 versions at the most affordable price during these offers a season. The sale finally opened, and I have also ensured that, I have kept all my cards, discount coupons, and addresses ready for the shopping. However, again the plan was spoiled due to online shopping networks, as the shopping network that, I was hoping to choose for better deals have not listed iPhone 11 for their sale and have included all other versions of iPhone. The problem was all other discounted iPhone products were either outdated or out of my budget. I was completely devastated and again from the start, I had wavered on whether to get a phone now or to wait a few more months for a new offer. Time was rushing past midnight and still, I have not decided to get a new phone. The competitor's online shopping site has listed iPhone 11 at a discounted price, but I did not have a bank card for the offer. To more about my decision on getting new iPhone, please feel free to check out the posts in “G R Team Sites”