Monday, May 2, 2011

Formualte Better Social Medial Policies

In recent times, there have been necessities for social media policies as most businesses takes place in social way. If you were looking to develop a better and smart social medial policies for your business, then make sure that you get guidance from best online network. The online network offers social business book for business people that help them to formulate best social media policies. The Establishing a Governance Model chapter from the social business book discusses the need for organizations to establish governance models and social media policies that address employees’ use of social media, disclosure, and moderation policies. Several examples of corporate social media policies and guidelines are highlighted from various fortune 500 companies that would act as better guide. In addition to it, several real-life examples are presented that illustrate what happens when organizations do not have proper policies and procedures in place that guide employee behavior on the social web.

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