Friday, August 19, 2011

The History of Audemars Piguet Watches

The history of Audemars piguet watches date back 1875. The founders of this successful watch were Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. The name of the watch evolved from the names of its founders; Audemars and Piguet. The aim of the two professionals was to come up with watches for their personal use but they attracted the attention of many people. Later in 1881, Audemars Piguet & Cie Company was started and its location was in Le Brassus. This history is interesting because the two were devoted in their work and managed on their own without receiving any bail form any one.

The two founders were initially watch assemblers and it is after realising the potential based in their hands, they came together to improve their professionalism. They devoted themselves into research so as to come up with well refined watches. At first, they were not making complete watches but instead made separate units to be used in watch assembly. By 1882, they made a great step by making their first pocket replica watches. This watch consisted of the perpetual calendar. Therefore, Audemars piguet watches were among the first watches to be made with a perpetual calendar.

The two gentlemen remained so enterprising and innovative over the period. Complex watches with complex mechanisms were made. In order to be famous, they promoted their marketing strategy both inside and outside their country. Their popularity alongside that of their watches grew big and spread all around the world. The brand of Audemars piguet watches that which was developed was more complex to an extent of putting a record of one of the most complex brands of watches.

The traits introduced by the two watch makers were big and have been embraced by the watch industry in the world. The watches have won popularity and fame both in the domestic market and the global market. The watch industry made great use of the complex techniques in watch making. Audemars piguet watches are said to be advanced mechanical watches because they had attributes like minute repeater, time hopping function and perpetual calendar.

The watch company has been so innovative in that they update their watch designs regularly. They come up with new replicasok watches styles and designs year after year so as to cope with the market situation. They came up with the octagonal case which is actually attractive. They have also made use of hard stainless steel to make the watches more durable and suitable for sporting activities. Audemars piguet watches have really promoted the watch industry.

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