Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Strangest Secret Help Us Become What We Think About

Earl Nightingale's "the strangest secret" talks about how we can turn our lives into what we think about. You may ask what does that mean or how would that affect you. If you are the type of person who feeds your conscious mind with negative feelings and thoughts, then you should not be surprised when you never get a break in your life. The truth is that you will draw whatever you are concentrating on or whatever you are occupying your mind with towards you. The strangest secret in fact is almost the same with the law of attraction.

If you're always concerned about the negatives, you will surely attract them like magnets. On the other hand, if you will constantly occupy your mind with positive thinking, then that is what you will precisely get. That is exactly how the law of attraction works in our lives.

What is important is to keep in mind that we are the ones creating our reality. It is not the surrounding environment that is shaping us, unless you will let it do so. You have the power to make anything possible.

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