Thursday, December 1, 2011

neonatal cerebral palsy

Probably one of the most scariest moments in the life of a mother is to see her child go through a dramatic neonatal cerebral palsy. When this day presents itself , a mother will find some kind of inner energy not to crash. To live the moment will only make the mother stronger and more adapted to be there for the child. Counting the minutes after he goes in epilepsy from a neonatal cerebral palsy episode she decides to be there for the child. This brings them much more closer then before. After the mother makes the final acomodations to mantain the child confortable' she sees the child does not need anything. Sometimes life is hard, but when a child goes through a episode of neonatal cerebral palsy,l is one more acomplishment in the life of a mother to feel she is what that child needs more then anything in this world. Is the pure nurturing love and support of a woman that knows how to put her prioraties in order to be happy in life and feel like a whole . Sometimes there is nothing thats gives more joy then the look a child has in their eyes after been help. Is a silent I love you.

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