Friday, October 7, 2022

My plan for getting Apple Watch Series 8 was crashed


Apple Watch Series 8 was crashed

I was planning to get Apple watch for a long time and have even detailed about it in my earlier articles. I was eagerly waiting for the Apple Watch series 8 version for the following couple of reasons:
  • Watch design revamp: For long time Apple watch series was due to design revamp and there were few leaks detailing complete revamp of Apple Watch design. However, post launch it was evident that the Watch Series 8 will also adopt same design as the Series 7 and the performance/battery would also be on similar lines. 
  • New sensors with same price range: I was expecting that Apple would bring in new sensors focused on tracking exclusive health fitness and would keep the pricing on the same range. However, Apple has only introduced temperature sensor for tracking women’s menstrual cycle and have considerably increased the price of Apple Watch series 8 for users in India. 
With above reasons, I had dropped my plan once again on getting new Apple Watch series 8, as there were no new health tracking sensors for men and the price hike in India has dashed my hope on getting the Apple watch with certain budget. With another Apple watch series launch, my hopes on getting Apple watch seems to be far from over and to know more on whether I had bought Apple Watch, please check out the “G R Team Sites”

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