Saturday, August 11, 2018

Continuation to my opportunity work

After knowing that I had to work on the opportunity and my delivery would be deck with the inputs from the assigned SME, I had to drop all my plans about being leisure for few days. Once the morning call got over, I called the SME to enquire about the information and future steps. The delivery SME said she would get back to me with the required information and the work seems to be minimal, we can connect later in the days. I was relieved to know that there was minimal work and was going back to my leisure browsing, but sensing something fishy I had opened a deck and was incorporating some random slides to just show off my manger that I was also working. The end of the day came and I called the delivery SME to enquire about the support required, unfortunately due to her other commitments she would not be able to provide details as of now and would share at their earliest by Monday. So, I had to leave for the Friday evening to my home and all of a sudden there was another call saying that we have one more call scheduled for Saturday morning and we would require you to be on the call. Continue @ “G R Team Sites”

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Information about online bids to win Shopping

  • If you’re a first time bidder on DealDash and use all your bids without winning a single auction, DealDash will return all the bids from your first bid pack purchase, for free, to give you a second chance! 
  • Bidding on DealDash is also risk free thanks to the Buy it Now option. If you don’t win the auction, you can buy the item you were bidding on for its regular price and get back all the bids you used in that auction for free. This way you not only get the desired item, you don't lose the bids and can use them again to try and win another auction. 
  •  Deal Dash offers a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on your first purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, DealDash will refund your entire first purchase – no questions asked.
The easier and smart option to save big on shopping this holiday season would be playing at online auction sites. The online auction sites out there in web help people to win products at exciting and at discounted price than regular shopping. You may have known different online auction sites out there in web that help people in bidding. However, most online auction sites out there in market may have rigged bidding and lack new products offered to users. So, make sure that you check out quality and risk free auction sites like DealDash. The DealDash would be right place for people who were looking for transparent bidding process and various features like 

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Online Bidding Site Suggestion

If you feel frustrated or tired of finding effective and quality online penny auction site available in web, then online auction site would be the place you have to check out. The DealDash is one the stand-alone online auction sites available in web that help users to get products at exciting price by bidding and also offers risk free shopping experience that no other auction site in its class could assure. The Dealdash offers unique features for its users like 
  • The first timer bidders are returned with first bid pack purchase, if all bids are used without any purchase. 
  • To protect bidders, the DealDash offers Buy it Now option to get purchase at regular price and get back all the bids you used in that auction for free. 
  • 100% money back guarantee if you were not satisfied and full refund with no questions asked on first purchase 
  •  And lot stuff like that. 
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Friday, July 27, 2018

Things You Need to Start Printing Your Own Checks (Check Printing 101)

For a personal user printing checks at home may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but for a business enterprise, it’s almost essential. Running a successful business is all about keeping the costs low. Ordering pre-printed checks from banks is way more expensive than ordering blank checks and printing them in-house.

In this post, we will reveal the basic hardware and software requirements of printing checks in offices and other businesses locations. When it comes to printing your own checks, there are two ways to go forward.

Firstly, you can order blank check paper and print the entire check from scratch. In that case, you need a printer with MICR toner to print the routing number and other details. Blank check papers are available at supermarkets and online checks stores at really cheap prices, which makes taking the extra effort worthwhile.

If you want a simpler check printing process, then you can order printed checks and then print the payee and amount details using your computer. This frees you from the hassle of buying MICR toner for your printer and ensures a faster printing process.

Selecting a Check Printing Software

There is no law or banking regulation that mandates the use of special check printing software. You can design a check format on a regular word processors and then print them on check papers. While checks printed using your word processor is legally valid, it takes a lot of effort and skill to do correctly.

A much simpler way is to buy a check printing software. Now, if you are running a business then there is a good chance you use accounting software packages. Quickbooks, for example, has an in-built check printing feature that allows you to print on blank checks and printed business checks. You have to start by ordering Quickbooks checks online or from the bank. Once you have a check that’s compatible with the software, you can use a laser printer to start printing checks in bulk.

The great thing about Quickbooks is that it’s not just a check printing software. It keeps a database record of all the checks printed and attaches it to invoices.
The Basic Setup:

Before you can start printing checks, you do need to have a basic setup. Following is a brief list of all the things you need to start printing your own checks at home or office.

Printing on Printed Business Checks

Check Printing Software or an Accounting Software with Check Printing Feature

Computer or Laptop

Printed Business Checks with Pre-printed Routing and Account Number

Laser or Inkjet Printer

Printing on Blank Check Paper

Check Printing Software or an Accounting Software with Check Printing Feature

MICR Toner to Print Banking Details Such as Routing Number and Account Number

MICR Font to Ensure the Printed Character are Readable by MICR Scanners  (Can be downloaded for free from font websites)

Blank Check Paper

Computer or Laptop

Laser or Inkjet Printer
Once you have all the things you need you are ready to print your first check. Watch an online tutorial of the check printing software you are using to find out the exact steps you need to follow to print checks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Removal of Hair Suggestion

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