Saturday, August 11, 2018

Continuation to my opportunity work

After knowing that I had to work on the opportunity and my delivery would be deck with the inputs from the assigned SME, I had to drop all my plans about being leisure for few days. Once the morning call got over, I called the SME to enquire about the information and future steps. The delivery SME said she would get back to me with the required information and the work seems to be minimal, we can connect later in the days. I was relieved to know that there was minimal work and was going back to my leisure browsing, but sensing something fishy I had opened a deck and was incorporating some random slides to just show off my manger that I was also working. The end of the day came and I called the delivery SME to enquire about the support required, unfortunately due to her other commitments she would not be able to provide details as of now and would share at their earliest by Monday. So, I had to leave for the Friday evening to my home and all of a sudden there was another call saying that we have one more call scheduled for Saturday morning and we would require you to be on the call. Continue @ “G R Team Sites”

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