Friday, August 5, 2022

Checking with Ford’s Service Centre for repairing accidental damage

Ford’s Service Centre for repairing accidental damage

After the freaking accident on my Ford EcoSport, I had two options, either getting my car repaired from authorized service center or get it serviced from third party car service center. I wanted to explore both the options, but I had authorized service center as my preferred options and wanted to check with them first, before checking out the third-party car service centers. So, I had telephonic conversation with the Ford’s service advisor and got the required details from them and was surprised on few of those factors. The most important factor of the accidental repair request was that the Ford had announced that it has decided to cease Sales Operations in India and will focus on electric & premium segments. Following is highlights of the conversation and it may vary across the region & authorized service centers
  • Pricing: The Ford service center quote me approximately the price range and wanted me to share the pictures of the car to validate the quote. To my surprise, there was no change in the quote and initially I felt the quote was very high and may get lower quote with the third-party service centers. So, without confirming the accidental repair, I have communicated that price was too high and will come back at later stage. 
  • Turn-around time and paint quality: Ford’s service advisor promised me that the Car repair would be completed in a day, and they would utilize only Ford’s authentic OEM paint for the Car’s Body. The paint would never fade, and the damage would be repaired in such a way that it is on par with Factory finish. I was little bit convinced on this commitment and anyways wanted to check out the third-party service center’s options. 
Even though above factors for car accidental damage were convincing, I was never fully satisfied with the quote and wanted to check with third parties for confirmation. To know more about their response, please feel free to check out the articles published in “G R Team Sites”

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Suggestion to find wholesale full body shaper collections

If your feel worried of being obese or looking for effective solution to get curvy body structure, then shapewear products would be the smart option. There are wide range of online shopping networks out there in the web promising to offer cheap shapewear products, however most of those online sites have expensive listing or might have limited stock availability with affordable pricing. So, the most smart and effective option would be to checkout reliable and quality wholesale shopping network available in internet that help users to find cheap shapewear products with wide collection. Recently, I came across an interesting online shopping network known as that help shopping enthusiasts with unique collection of shapewear products at affordable pricing, that no other competitor in its class could offer.

The online shopping site includes wide of collection of shapewear products at most affordable pricing and trustworthy product quality for its users. Let us take a sample product available in online shopping site like “Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper Back Support wear” and it is one of the most affordable products available in market for people who were looking to find quality full body shapewear product. The uniqueness of the product available in are as follows
  • Product included 77% nylon+23% spandex that ensures seamless stretching and comfort. 
  • Dedicated overlap gusset that makes it easier for you to take a nature break
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that ensure cozy fit to your body 
  • Full-body bodysuit is tailored to ensure its firmness for your belly, waist, and thighs. This elastic firmness assists you in flattening your stomach and creates sleek line from belly to thigh
  • And a lot more, check out the below image or the online shopping site
If you were looking for waist trainer wholesale vendor out there in the market that offers quality products at affordable pricing, then online site would be the place your need to check out.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

iPhone and iPad dependency on laptops

iPhone and iPad dependency on laptops
The evolution of mobile phones has been phenomenal and now there was marketing strategy to promote users to be dependent only on handheld devices and can ignore the dependency for laptops. However, there were many instances where you have dependency on laptops and all those marketing stuff of ignoring dependency on laptops are applicable only till the device makes an issue. Once there is a complicated issue on your handheld device or if you had accidentally dropped your handheld device, there arises an increased dependency on laptops and following are my concerns. 
  • Dependent on laptop to restoring backups: At times when iPhone acts weirdly or if iPhone battery quickly due to accidental drop, then iPhone needs to be plugged-in with laptop to restore to stable software version and ensure iOS files are not corrupted.
  • iPhone refuses to turn ON: If iPhone stops working due to accidental drops, then the device needs to be plugged-in with laptop to detect any issues or to back-up important files. 
Hope Apple addresses the above concerns in their upcoming software updates and help users to be independent of laptop. To get latest updates about my articles, please feel free to check out “G R Team Sites”

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Lack of Chromecast support in OneDrive for iPhone users

Lack of Chromecast support in OneDrive for iPhone users

I have recently subscribed to Office 365 for their attractive bundled up features of 1TB storage for 6 family members and exclusive access to office suite of applications. However, when I had opted for OneDrive as my preferred online cloud storage platform in MacOS and iPhone, there was one important feature that was lacking it was none other than Chromecast support. Even though, the android version of OneDrive supports Chromecast, the iOS version or in the iPhone version of the OneDrive doesn’t support Chromecast. This was a major dealbreaker for iPhone users like me and was impacting my user experience. Following are my use case constraints 
  • Not able to stream Photos: I use OneDrive for backing up system files and to store my mobile photos. However, when I had to stream my family photos or videos to TV, I had to switch to alternate solution like Google Phots for viewing. 
  • Not able to stream documents: I use Mac as my primary system for my personal work and for official documents, however during important client presentation I feel constraint of streaming documents from my iPhone to TV's and often had to switch to alternative option like Google's Drive for streaming. 
Hope Microsoft addresses these concerns and introduces Chromecast support for OneDrive in iOS or iPhone and prevent users like me to switch back to Google as preferred online cloud platform. To read more articles like these, please feel free to check out the "G R Team Sites"

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Suggestion to find unique Sudoku puzzles

In recent times, the sudoku game have become most popular puzzle solving game option for most people across globe due to its complexity and simple mathematical knowledge. There have been wide range of options available for playing sudoku puzzle, however with increase in number of competition most sudoku gaming options available are either outdated and the puzzles are restricted to online mode. Recently we came across this interesting online gaming site known as, which offers wide collection of unique sudoku puzzles in both online and offline modes. 

In addition to offering exclusive sudoku puzzles, the online site also offers exclusive daily puzzle and distinct features for the users. Here are few highlights of online site. 
  • Fresh sudoku puzzles updated daily: The online site provides fresh 120 sudoku puzzles daily with categorization of twenty-four sudoku puzzles for five diverse levels.
  • Offline sudoku puzzles: With daily updates of 120 sudoku puzzles, the online site also enables users to solve them offline by downloading puzzles through PDF formats and offline printouts. 
  • Online mode: If you feel bored of downloading puzzles and solving them offline, the site also helps users to solve puzzles on the go through their Sudoku online web portal. The gaming site offers intuitive interface to solve the sudoku puzzles on the go and enables users to solve them whenever you find leisure time. 
  • Learning Mode: If you are a beginner or already solved few puzzles and looking to learn new ways to solve complex sudoku puzzles, then the online site help users with new illustrative guides for solving sudoku puzzles. 
For more information and insights into exclusive features of sudoku puzzles offered by online site, please feel free to check out the above-mentioned link.