Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5 Evident Benefits of Artificial Grass in Sports Activities

Have you been to a football stadium? If yes then you may have already noticed that it has a wide playing field inside where players stay in for 90 minutes just to win the match. Another important feature of such venues is the grass found on the field. The grass serves as the protective cover of the field in case someone trips or falls to the ground. It will act as a cushion to prevent serious wounds and injuries. But what if the grass does not grow in certain areas, or throughout the entire field? 

Because of these problems, some leagues have started using artificial grass in stadiums to continue hosting football games. But you may ask how different is this grass from natural turf? Not much. But does it offer benefits? Absolutely. Here are five of these benefits: 

  1. It can be played on throughout the year – Once a stadium has this particular grass, players would be able to play on it with unlimited minutes. For those who are unaware, natural grass can only be played on a few hundred times a year. 
  2. It does not have ‘bald spots’ – Another common problem with natural turf is that it often has spots which do not have any grass due to frequent stepping by players. This makes the entire field uneven which could affect the performance of the teams playing.
  3. Highly durable – These types of grass are built to last so stadium owners would not have to worry about immediate repairs or replacements while in the middle of a season.
  4. Its shock absorption ability is equal over the whole pitch – Shock absorption is critical to any footballer. It is very important that their feet step on equal portions of the field to avoid strains, and even accidents. 
  5. It requires little to no maintenance – Let us face it – watering grass is certainly hard work. What more if the grass covers an entire football field? Using artificial turf, people would not have to think about it because it stays the same even after a few years. 

As you can see, artificial grass will bring in a lot of benefits for the stadium. But did you know that this particular grass can also be used in your own homes? Yes, it can be used not only for gardens and backyards, but also as an improvised roof for the house.

Artificial turf is also a great option for homeowners who have certain patches of land within their property which do not have any decorations or objects on it. Using artificial grass, this area would become livelier and more pleasant to look at. However, you have to make sure to find and get the best product available in the market. Once you get this product, just place it on your garden while following the instructions. Technology has indeed changed the way our surroundings look. Artificial turfs are examples of these innovations which bring comfort and good looks to just about any open field.

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