Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Plantronics Story

Plantronics is a world leading supplier of audio communications equipment for both business and the private consumer. Their devices can be used for a whole range of applications including mobile telephone headsets, computer headsets, headsets for gamers, headphones for listening to music . . . they really are a world leader (as well as one of the market leaders in Australia).

Plantronics may be one of the most advanced audio communication companies of the 21st century but their story goes right back to the early 1960’s, 1961 in fact, when two airline pilots who had become disillusioned with the heavy, cumbersome headsets they were expected to use in the commercial aviation industry decided it was about time to find an alternative, and find an alternative they did!

And so Plantronics was born in a cramped Santa Cruz garage, California marking not only a breakthrough in audio communications but forming the foundation of a very successful company. The name Plantronics has cropped up many times over the last fifty years or so.

When Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words from the surface of the moon in 1969 he said them, you’ve guessed it,using Plantronics equipment, a small, lightweight headset designed and manufactured by Plantronics.

The birth of the call centre heralded the arrival of the StarSetSupra, the first headset for call centre use in 1983 which became so popular across the United States, Australia and the rest of the world that it pretty soon accounted for half of all company sales.

Fast forward to the 90’s and people all over the world were using their super lightweight headsets (in the ear designs) taking advantage of the hands free, cordless designs allowing executives and workers alike the freedom to take telephone calls as they roamed freely around the office, home or countryside. By the end of the century they had also perfected headsets for use in the growing gaming, multimedia and internet telephone markets.

From humble beginnings in a garage the team of designers and technicians of Plantronics now work in state of the art sound chambers and laboratories. It is this never failing attention to detail which has helped them to remain at the top of their game as they have created one communication revelation after another. There is no match for the noise reduction or call clarity of their latest headphones – they have been market leaders since the early 1960’s and still remain at the top of their ladder to this day.

Plantronics now have a comprehensive range of audio solutions for Bluetooth mobile applications, Gamers, VOIP and internet talk and music. The sound clarity makes their products particularly popular with avid music fans who like to listen to their music loud without distortion or sound interference of any kind.

Their headsets can be found in thousands of offices across Australia and the rest of the world, as well as in thousands of homes and cars. To say that Plantronics changed the history of audio communication is a little bit of an understatement to say the least.

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