Monday, August 13, 2018

One more opportunity with the same SME

After completion of that complex opportunity with the most difficult person to work with, I was taking some rest for few days. And again, there was new opportunity that had arrived in my inbox and I had to definitely work on the same. I was hoping that it would be same old delivery expert and the new complex delivery expert, with whom I had to work for completion. To my surprise the old delivery expert with whom I had good rapport had decided not to work on the opportunities and was busy with his own deliverables. The most irritating thing happened to me, as I had to work with this complex delivery expert to complete and I was requesting some assistance for me. And again, it turned against me I was provided with a team member, who was least bothered about the work and takes it easy on all opportunities that is being assigned. For this opportunity I had to work with two extreme persons, one with most rude and ego-ish delivery expert and the other was my team member who was least bothered about the work. Continue reading at “G R Team Sites”

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